Programs and Services

Empowering community by working together.

Cultural Programming

Our Niniimi’iwe Program focuses on “positive identity building” through conveying Aboriginal teachings alongside Aboriginal dance traditions. This 9-month program will not only allow participants to embark on a personal journey of self-discovery, but also to build sustainable skills and become proactive in giving back to the community.

Traditional Pow Wows

Neemu-Egwah Inc. will be hosting 4 Pow Wows throughout the year within the community, one for each season. This tradition is not practiced as much any more. Its restoration is crucial to honouring one of the 7 teachings. It will reinforce the traditional path and identity of ceremony within the traditional dance community.

Dance Productions

We will continue to host large scale dance productions at theatres throughout the community on a regular basis. Proceeds from these events will be shared with various other non-profit community-based organizations in Winnipeg and Manitoba.

Scholarship Fund

The Neemu-Egwah Scholarship Fund will provide select graduates of our cultural program an opportunity to work and train in a professional environment that lets them apply their acquired skills.

Annual Gala Event

Neemu-Egwah hosts an annual gala to not only raise funds to support cultural programming and partnerships with other community organizations, but to bring people together and network to form relationships, build bridges of cultural understanding and influence positive change for the community as a whole.


Neemu-Egwah is the proud host of Folklorama’s First Nations Pavilion. The 2019 Pavilion will return to the RBC Convention Centre this August. Stay tuned for more news on the 2019 First Nations Pavilion.

Empowering Community by Working Together

Neemu-Egwah Inc. is a Winnipeg-based non-profit organization working with children in care and their foster parents, low-income families, newcomers as well as agencies and companies seeking to make contributions to the community and create relationships with the knowledge keepers in Aboriginal communities. We provide culture-focused programming and services on a multicultural level to help engage the community, build strong identities and bring the right people together to bring about positive change for individuals and the community as a whole.

Neemu-Egwah”, loosely translated from the Oji-Cree language means “to bring the right energy and people together and move forward in a good way.” The elder who gave the name believes in ‘inclusion’ and dreams to see a day when Indigenous people live within their culture, and that all people can find their great purpose along with their spirit. We believe that when the right kind of people come together, we can drive forward motions of inclusion, building bridges that foster understanding, acceptance and relationship building.

Cultural Programming on a Multicultural Level